Creating Your Own Mountains

Creating Your Own Mountains

I conserve because I love to create eco-art from foraged materials I gather from parks and natural areas. I do my best to use only fallen or dead materials, and I collect whatever catches my eye. I then lay out my collection and create an image that is conceptualized purely in the moment. I then leave the work to decompose in the very place from which it was created. My hopes are that people are encouraged by my artwork to look deeper into nature and to realize that beauty is all around them. This was a mountain scene I created from what I could find along the shores of Lake Washington.

Posted by 6nicolemarie6_16517
on Wed, 10/12/2016 - 12:05


#lighttheland, Dirt, Flowers, Mountains, Mud, Nature, Rocks, Urban, #awetumnal, #whyiconserve


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