Who? Me?

Who? Me?

A lot of people think squirrels are pests, but they play a big role in our fragile ecosystem. How? -1. Squirrels keep trees pruned by nibbling on shoots and chewing off branches when they build their nests.

2. They eat insects, including beetles and grubs that infest trees and lawns.

3. Their constant digging and burying aerates the soil and incorporates organic matter into it.

4. They also help keep forests healthy by spreading fungi that are beneficial to trees.

5. They help keep our world a little greener. They are nature's little gardeners, constantly planting all sorts of seeds and nuts, some of which are forgotten and left to sprout. In fact, Eastern Grey Squirrels are largely credited with spreading dense forest cover across much of the U.S. So keep that in mind when you see your next squirrel, they are important. #KeepNatureBeautiful

Posted by Jami Maestas
on Mon, 10/10/2016 - 04:04


#lighttheland, Animals, Nature, Urban, #whyiconserve


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