Saving the Bench

Saving the Bench

Sometime earlier this year, a vandal threw a bench over the edge in a wilderness area. Our SCA, Andres Alvarez and his co-worker, Ranger Casey Lewis, decided they wanted to practice their high angle rescue skills by rescuing the bench. They wrote up a plan, taking safety, environmental hazards, and proper techniques into consideration. Through this exercise, they accomplished: cleaning up a foreign object from the wilderness; sharpening their high angle ropes techniques; leadership (lead the team through exercise); and educating visitors about the importance of Leave No Trace. The bench was successfully rescued! :-)

Photo by: Carol Miltimore (haul team member and park volunteer)

Left to Right: Andres Alvarez (SCA), Jesse Houser (SAR volunteer), Tabby Cavendish (Supervisor for Andres & Casey), Casey Lewis (Park Ranger).

Posted by Tabbatha Cavendish
on Sat, 08/29/2015 - 16:09


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